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Electronic musician since forever and experimenting circuit bending artist since 2007, I have played numerous concerts. Either alone or togehther with CEO Bend-O-Rama - one of very few all circuit bent orchestras worldwide.



Upcoming event:

7-8th May 2015: Jyderup Højskole


14th March 2015: Holmboe Festival, Horsens, DK (with CEO Bend-O-Rama)

5th February 2015: Aarhus International Supernoise Festival

7th February 2015: Aarhus International Supernoise Festival (with CEO Bend-O-Rama)

25th October 2014: SpLAB, Aarhus

9th October 2014: Sort-Hvid Musikcafe, København DK (with CEO Bend-O-Rama)

9th May 2014: Music Hackathon, SPOR Festival, Aarhus DK

30th November 2013: PB43, København DK (with CEO Bend-O-Rama)

28th September 2013: LAK Festival, København DK (with CEO Bend-O-Rama)

11th May 2013: SPOR Festival, Aarhus DK (vocal)

17th September 2012: Regnskov Aarhus (with Derek Holzer, Mads Bech Paluszewski-Hau et al.)

19th November 2011: Cinema concert, Ry Biograf, Ry DK (with CEO Bend-O-Rama)

27th August 2011: Suset Festival, DK (with CEO Bend-O-Rama)

25th July 2010: Nakkefestival, Rørvig DK (with CEO Bend-O-Rama)

30th June 2010: Roskilde Festival, Roskilde DK (with CEO Bend-O-Rama)

10th October 2010: Galore Festival, Valby DK (with CEo Bend-O-Rama)

7th May 2009: Møstings Hus, Frederiksberg DK (with CEO Bend-O-Rama)




SpLAB, Aarhus

Aarhus International Supernoise Festival






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